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Deliver training that leads to improved performance across all jobs.

  • 4 hr
  • Contact for Details
  • Face-to-Face or Virtual

Service Description

On-the-job training is perhaps the most unstructured, poorly executed training that organizations tend to offer new employees. And the consequences of poor training are plentiful, ranging from poor performance to decreased morale, satisfaction, and teamwork, through workplace injury and lawsuits. It doesn't have to be this way. I will show you how to use structured-on-the-job training to dramatically improve the performance of your employees and organization. Training employees well is vital for any organization's performance, yet we often overlook its significance. This session will detail an on-the-job training process that ensures training will be consistently delivered by trainers in the future. We'll discuss the role of trainers and trainees, define the steps toward successful on-the-job training, and develop the skills required to be effective trainers. This workshop is especially valuable for HR managers, shift leaders, and organization leaders who are responsible for training delivery.

Contact Details

(260) 557-1760

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