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Time for Development

I help employees become better colleagues, leaders, and people while simultaneously helping improve the support we offer our human resources. In turn, entire organizations become more trustworthy, innovative, successful, and meaningful contributors to society.  

I believe we can all strive for a world where growth and professional development are embraced and passionately pursued by all, regardless of employment status, region, or industry.

I believe in creating and sharing professional development materials that are insightful, thought-provoking, and inspiring. This exchange of knowledge and resources is central to our mission, and we are relentless in helping improve the work experience of all workers.

I am committed to continuously engaging with our community including students, HR professionals, organization leaders, and all other adult learners. I believe treating all employees and customers with the highest level of respect is fundamental toward an organization's success. Every one of us has knowledge and skills that make us unique and valuable to the world and I actively seek to learn from the expertise of followers and clients. I believe collaborations are far more effective than going at any individual task or challenge alone.

We're in this together.

Business Conference

Like nearly all workers, I enjoy developing myself and want to have fun doing it. I started Time for Development to help employers improve support of their human resources and enhance their organizational culture.

When we first connect, we will:

1. Discuss on-going, current, and/or newly developing workplace concerns, identify stakeholder groups, establish goals for the partnership, and create a path for moving forward.

By the end of that meeting, we leave clear and feeling confident about the direction we're about to go.

Trainer HR Consultant Fort Wayne, Indiana, Onboarding, HR


Founder & President

I've devoted my career toward studying and teaching others about the field of human resource development (HRD). I have seen firsthand--through direct employment and consultation provided--the consequences organizations face when failing to care for their employees. In July 2019, I started Time for Development with the intent on improving employee satisfaction and organizational performance--two facets that are interrelated. 


Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a focus on Human Resource Development. Since 2011, I have been an HRD practitioner, consultant, and a researcher supporting employee development, career transitions, and retention. While my research has often focused on the career transitions of military veterans, many of the challenges former servicemembers face are shared by civilians. As such, employers can adapt many of the same initiatives for their entire workforce that I have found helpful for military veterans. Take a look at the free resources and workshops I offer and let me know if you'd like to connect. Considering we spend roughly a 1/3rd of our life at work, it makes sense for us to create a welcoming, supportive, and engaging workplace for all.

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