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Time for Development

I started Time for Development as a response to so many disheartening conversations centered around work with friends and family. In fact, we've all been there. Talking with classmates who are frustrated by their coworkers' lack of training. Discussing with friends who are disappointed their employer can't retain anyone. Or hearing about the organization leaders making our loved ones miserable at work. 

I believe we can all strive for a world where growth and professional development are embraced and passionately pursued by all, regardless of employment status, region, or industry.

I believe in creating and sharing professional development materials that are insightful, thought-provoking, and inspiring. This exchange of knowledge and resources is central to our mission, and we are relentless in helping improve the work experience of all workers.

Work doesn't have to a bear. Frankly, we can actually enjoy work and I've helped numerous employees (and employers) turn things around. Let's make it happen together.

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Developing Ourselves, Improving Our Workplace

What if I told you that work can be something we look forward to?
 That you can actually enjoy the work you do AND the people you work with. Do you believe me?

It's not just lip service. In fact, I have seen healthy work environments, and I can help make those improvements.

The biggest challenges we face as leaders and employers aren't related to quarterly reports, deadlines, product development, and other metrics.
The obstacles that lead us to the greatest levels of dissatisfaction, disengagement, and resignation are most often tied to our interactions with one another. It's the actions of our leadership, the way we're talked to, and the way leadership makes us feel about our work and ourselves that play the heaviest role in our satisfaction. 

Leaders aren't born. There's nothing common sense about being a great leader. But we can all be developed.

I'm here to help when you're ready. 

Trainer HR Consultant Fort Wayne, Indiana, Onboarding, HR


Founder & President

I've devoted my career toward studying and teaching others about the field of human resource development (HRD). I have seen firsthand--through direct employment and consultation provided--the consequences organizations face when failing to care for their employees. In July 2019, I started Time for Development with the intent on improving employee satisfaction and organizational performance--two facets that are interrelated. 


Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I earned my Ph.D. in adult education with a human resource development focus from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Since 2011, I have been an HRD practitioner, consultant, and researcher supporting employee development, career transitions, and employee retention. As a professor, I continue to research leadership development, employee satisfaction, and employee onboarding and integrate findings from those studies in my workshops. Considering we spend roughly a 1/3rd of our life at work, it makes sense for us to prioritize our sense of purpose and overall wellbeing. 

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