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About Time For Development

Invest in yourself today!

 I started Time for Development after having countless disheartening conversations about work with friends, students, colleagues, and family. Whether frustrations stem from ineffective leadership, poor training, or practices that stifle satisfaction, we've all been there!

BUT, we can create workplaces where great work environments, created through intentional professional development, are embraced and passionately pursued--regardless of job or industry.​

At Time for Development, we offer leadership development training sessions which are insightful, thought-provoking, and actionable. ​In fact, we collaborate with organizations to help create a work environment their employees actually enjoy, and we'd like to do the same for you. Let's make it happen together.

Developing Ourselves and Our Workforce

What if I told you that work can be something we enjoy? Would you believe me?

At Time for Development, we have seen unhealthy work environments and are proud to have been part of improving workplace cultures through the leadership training and coaching sessions we offer. The biggest challenges we face aren't related to quarterly reports, deadlines, product development, or other metrics. The most significant challenge and the one that SHOULD keep us up at night is: how well are we caring for our employees?

Are we correctly hiring, training, and developing our employees?

Have we created a safe work environment?

Does our culture make employees feel connected and satisfied with each other and the work they do?

If you're struggling to answer any/all of these questions, Time for Development is here to help.


Founded in 2017, I have trained and coached thousands of for-profit, not-for-profit, and government employees.





Collaborative problem-solving

Customer satisfaction


Eliminate the frustration, discontent, and workplace challenges that spur employees to disengage and quit.


Collaborate with clients to diagnose leadership development and coaching needs which address existing performance gaps. 


A world where employees are satisfied, invested, empowered, and motivated to grow.


Employees leave with new knowledge and skills they can immediately apply in their job, leading to a more satisfied and higher-functioning organization.

Meet Michael Kirchner, Ph.D.

I've devoted my career to studying and developing our human resources and organization leaders. I have seen firsthand the consequences that organizations face when failing to support and develop their employees. In July 2017, I started Time for Development with a commitment toward improving our work experiences, productivity, and most importantly, our satisfaction. 

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I earned my Ph.D. in adult education with an emphasis on human resource development from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Since 2011, I have been an HRD practitioner, consultant, and researcher supporting employee development, career transitions, and employee retention. As an Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership, I explore several human resource functions including employee onboarding, leadership development, employee training, military-friendly organizations, and veteran career transitions.. Considering we spend roughly a 1/3rd of our life at work, we should prioritize our sense of purpose, satisfaction, and overall wellbeing. 

Michael Kirchner, Ph.D.

Founder, Time for Development


Mike Kirchner has published many papers over the years with great insight.


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Personal and Professional Development Insights from Industry Experts Blog

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