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Invest in yourself today!

Did you know, in our lifetime, we spend 90,000 hours working? Because more than 80% of us are NOT engaged at work, we each waste an average of 70,000+ hours performing work we perceive as meaningless and unfulfilling. Since 2017, I've been guiding organizations that have committed to improving employee satisfaction, motivation, and performance.

Grace Bonewitz

Resource Director - Weiland Designs

"Time for Development is a valuable resource!"

Katie Holloway

Human Resources Manager - Christian Care Retirement Community

"The services that Dr. Kirchner provided were exactly what my organization needed!

Sanna Bengali

Accounting Officer - Indiana Materials Processing

"Dr. Kirchner is a true partner to his clients!"


Through leadership and professional development workshops, trainings, and coaching, we're invested in developing an invigorated, motivated, and more fulfilled workforce. We all deserve to be happy and enjoy the work we do.


Michael Kirchner, Ph.D.

Founder, Time for Development

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