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We work an average of 90,000 hours over the course of our lives.

We should probably enjoy it.

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We develop leaders and successful employees through engaging workshops and trainings centered around employee satisfaction and retention.  


We take your biggest  staffing and leadership concerns, diagnose knowledge and skill needs, and deliver workshops that stimulate thought, behavioral change, and lasting impact.



1. We spend too many hours of our lives working to be continuously frustrated, let down, and unhappy.

2. Positive change in our workplace IS possible.

3. We have the tools to help make a difference.


We spend 90,000 hours of our lives at work. For many of us, that time is begrudgingly spent performing uninspiring work while working for underwhelming leaders.  

At Time for Development, we see that as a problem we're passionately taking on.

Through leadership and professional development workshops, trainings, and coaching, we're invested in developing an invigorated, motivated, and more fulfilled workforce.


Because we all deserve to be happy. And we deserve to enjoy the work we do.

Michael Kirchner, Ph.D.

Founder, Time for Development



"The services that Dr. Kirchner provided were exactly what my organization needed. His calm and tactful demeanor made it very easy for my team to open up to him and share the concerns that they had. He has a remarkable ability to collect and analyze data and present it in a way that highlights both areas of improvement and praise. While some of the feedback is hard to hear, he delivers it in a respectful, yet impactful way and helps work towards a solution. His understanding of psychology and business functions often leads to a dynamic set of solutions that are often “out of the box” thinking, but achievable and realistic at the same time. It has been a little over a year since utilizing his services, and we are still actively practicing the solutions he helped to implement. He is easy and fun to work with and makes a process that sort of feels like airing out your dirty laundry for the world to see a lot less intimidating and at the end of the day is like a big breath of fresh air."

Katie Holloway

Human Resources Manager

Christian Care Retirement Community

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