Thinking Critical

Learn what it means to be and practice becoming a critical thinker.

  • 1 hour
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  • Face-to-Face or Virtual

Service Description

Do your employees know when they're thinking critical? How do you and how do THEY know? We're taught it's important to think critically but are rarely exposed to development opportunities that TEACH us to think critically. As such, we fail ourselves and our organization by missing out on opportunities that were present had we simply been thinking critically. You and your employees will experience a different kind of workshop that will challenge how you think about behavioral and organizational issues moving forward. We are rarely challenged to dig deep and examine the challenges and barriers impeding our individual and organization's growth. How we think about problems is the single most important contributing factor toward improving our ability to address and overcome them. In this transformative session, we'll immerse ourselves in discussion that will enhance our ability to critically examine issues and generate thoughtful, clear, and actionable responses.

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