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Desperate for Leadership

Learn why leadership skills are the most important employee attribute.

  • 1 hour
  • Contact for Details
  • Face-to-Face or Virtual

Service Description

What's happened in your organization? Culture issues? Satisfaction and retention struggles? Recruitment a concern? Change efforts failed? It always, always, always comes back to effective leadership. And it takes a mindset shift to serve effectively in a leadership role. If you're feeling like you and your organization's leadership team could use some development, let's spend one hour together. I'll challenge the way your team thinks about leading themselves, their staff, and your organization. Take a moment to look around at what's happening in our government, at work, and at home. We're falling apart and have little to inspire hope for change. It's time we stop looking elsewhere and take some time to focus on our own ability to expect more and better from everything around us. Join me for this hour-long session. It'll be uncomfortable, sad, heartbreaking. It'll also be empowering, inspiring, and transformational.

Contact Details

(260) 557-1760

Stellhorn Road, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

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