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Becoming Humble

Develop humility in leaders to improve organizational performance.

  • 1 hour
  • Contact for Details
  • Face-to-Face or Virtual

Service Description

Have the terms, "arrogant", "self-centered", "condescending", or "pretentious" ever been used by employees in your organization? In the U.S., we're expected to be bold, strong, and assertive. But that mindset can also be to the detriment of our organization. The narrative needs to shift. Let's challenge your leaders' assumptions about what it means to be an effective leader. Humility tends to be an afterthought of all other leadership attributes, yet may be the most important of all qualities an effective leader displays. But what is "humility" and how do we develop a humble mindset? How does something as simple as being humble influence followers and organization goals? Join me for this session as we learn why humility is desperately needed, while we intentionally begin developing a more humble self.

Contact Details

(260) 557-1760

Stellhorn Road, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

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